Wednesday, April 2, 2008

:: Birthday Fun ::

Saturday would have been just another day, however Markus, Analise, and my friends made it a special day. I woke up to some nice birthday presents from Markus. We had a great morning - phone calls from Africa, Austria, Germany, New Hampshire, Arizona, Colorado and England. We took a long walk along East Cliff, then lunch at Hank's on the Hook. Our afternoon was very nice and relaxing, and in the evening I was blessed by most of my closest friends with a dinner on the Wharf at Olita's. It was a fantastic day...made turning 32 quite nice. As each new day comes I am more and more aware of all that I have to be thankful for. Listing everything would take up too many pages on this blog, however to name just a few, I have an amazing husband, a fabulous daughter, a loving family, and some of the most amazing women as friends. I couldn't ask for more!

Leave it to Jess to make my favorite box cake and can icing look amazing!


Anonymous said...

sounds like a great birthday for a great woman!!
we are so blessed to know you and count you to our family..wish I could have bee with you on this day!!Great pic from you and Renee...big hug clau

Anonymous said...

Great pictures, Nini! Thanks for letting me celebrate with you. Love ya!

Claudia...COME BACK! I miss you SO much! I miss Werner & Ana too. Have you guys decided when & how long you'll be here next? Hugs to all of you!


Bonnie said...

glad your birthday was so special! you deserve it Nini! love ya.