Friday, February 1, 2008

:: Long time coming ::

It has been quite a while since I have posted. This week got away from me somehow! This will be a picture filled update. It was a busy week of working, playing, making meals. All good stuff - things I enjoy doing!

Analise was on an eating strike last week. For example, one of her meals consisted of: 3 cubes of cheese, 2 kidney beans, 10 cheerios and a sippy cup of water. WHAT?! She was being little miss independent last week, wanting to do everything herself. She even figured out how to take her binky off of the binky clip...she didn't want anything or anyone helping her with anything! No hair clips, no binky clip in the car, and especially not a thorough face cleaning after a meal! Hence the food on her face in this picture.

She isn't even one yet and she started picking her nose. Those little holes in her nose are the perfect size for her fingers! Ugh!

She runs all over the place now. She has all of a sudden turned into a BIG girl. These PJ's make her look like a mini grown up!

We don't have any family is so hard to get pics with all 3 of us...but lately Analise loves it when I take pictures of the two of us. They obviously never come out that nice, but she likes to squish our heads together and after the camera clicks she looks at the screen and squeals with delight.

We have had some good play times with some of her friends. This little man is Rowan Murray. He and Analise play well together. She is teaching him how to stand without holding on, and he is teaching her what dogs and bears say.

This is Cooper James Sanders. He is a squishy little dude who will be 3 months old in a few days. He and his mom, my dear friend Kristen, came over on Tuesday and we hung out all day. It was great! He is the most mellow, happiest little man!

I am a bit biased as I am sort of like his real aunt, but I think he is quite cute...and he really looks like a peanuts character. He does, and I mean that in every good way possible. I mean, looking like a cartoon is a good thing!

These are three of Analise's cousins. Gwen, Tom, and Sina. They are great kids, and I look forward to the day when they all get to meet Analise. We get great toys from them. They live in Germany and they have the best wooden toys. We just got this wooden mouse from them last week. Analise LOVES it...and of course, she shows her love by shoving it in her mouth!

Danke für die hölzerne Maus!

This next picture should probably have a post of it's own, however it is a great picture to end on. This is just PRECIOUS and melts my heart.


Kristen said...

Oh! How sweet of you Auntie Nini to post Cooper James on your blog. I love the picture of his alter ego Linus! We just had the best of times with you and Analise and can't wait to do it again soon!!

Jessica Hoff said...

Yay for more pix!!! Let's do a fam shoot soon so we can get all 3 of you in the frame. My fave is of her looking through her hair!

sarah said...

way, way too cute! thanks for the adorable update and you are on my list of fave reads as well!!

hailey said...

AW! What an adorable post. LOVE IT! Your daughter is just the cutest little bean. Her friends are adorable too! I wish I could join in. Not yet. Not yet. ;)

Sally said...

That last picture is a heart melter. I love walking pictures. They are so very sweet.

How funny that she is exerting her independent self. :) I love that she loves it when you take pictures of the two of you. It's almost like being in a picture booth!

Bonnie said...

Analise is seriously TOO cute! I loved this post. She's growing up SO quickly. And I especially love the last picture... melts my heart too :)

Erin said...

I know that one, hair to the nose, but won't wear clips.... Ah! It's great then when the nose gets runny during a nap & she wakes up with the tips of her hair crusted on her nose...