Friday, December 21, 2007

:: She loves books ::

Analise loves books. We have quite a few books for her. In fact, her grammy (my mom) just sent a whole box full of books for her...books that are for now, and books for when she is older.

We keep a handful of Analise's books in the living room so she can look at them during the day. The usual routine is that they are all put up nicely, Analise makes her way over to them, takes a look, then systematically pulls them down one by one. Once she has successfully pulled them all down to the ground, she will spend time looking at each one. She turns the pages, points at things, and talks to them. Sometimes she will spend a half an hour at a time with her books on the floor. Once she is done with them, we put them back, so she can do it all over again.

The following picture montage is the progression of what goes on throughout the day with her books.

This is what the books look like first thing in the morning:

Surveying her options for the day:

Carefully examining each one:

The beginning of the 'throw down' in action:


Loving the colors:

Twenty minutes later:

We restack the books at least three times a day. I am glad that she likes books. What better way to learn?!


Krista said...

I love it! I really like the action shot of the book flying towards you. We have 3 large bookshelves that Elijah had been clearing off (all of our books, not his) until he found the corner that had his books. Now he just goes there to clear those off!

Stef said...

I love that you stack them up 3 times a day! I sometimes wonder if I'm my own worst enemy, because I am behind my kids cleaning up as they go. I try to make it better by teaching them while I do it. :)

Those were super cute pictures. You really ought to go into business, Nini. You have an amazing eye for photography.

Heike said...

oh nini, i am missing the GERMAN section =) even though she looks so smart with all the english ones.

Anonymous said...

wie gut, daß dein onkel wernie viele deutsche bücher hat..die fehlen noch ein in deinem sortiment..mußt nur noch ein bißchen warten bis im februar!!!
auntie clau and ana