Wednesday, December 26, 2007

:: Christmas Cheer ::

A lot of exciting things have happened in the past few days!

On December 23rd, our dear friends David and Jessica welcomed their second baby boy, Joseph Roy Hoff. "Joey" was an early Christmas present for David and Jessica. He is a precious little man, and so far, happy as can be! Jessica is a superstar and doing fantastic as well.
Christmas Eve was great fun for us Lettners. We spent the evening over at the Cecy's/Ollenburger's. They are a fantastic family that have been part of my life almost 20 years! They have taken me in as their own, and I have spent Christmas with them almost every year since 1996.

Every year, one of the men in the family dresses up like Santa and everyone from the youngest to the oldest has to sit on Santa's lap and tell him one thing that they want. This year, Analise went first. She was quite frightened of Santa. She doesn't get scared of much, but I think the big white beard topped it off for her. Her lip turned down and then the slow motion tears started. It was cute for us, sad for her, but only lasted a few seconds. Once I get the pics from that moment, I will post them. She found Caroline's sunglasses that night and thought she was uber cool.

Christmas morning was relaxing and quite enjoyable. We slept in a little (as long as Analise would let us), made cinnamon rolls, drank coffee, then opened our presents. My mom sent heaps and heaps of presents for Analise! With all of the toys she got, her favorite so far is her Gloworm from her auntie Gerri. It plays quite enjoyable songs, and she lights up as bright as "Glowy" does when she sees it.

We cooked a Christmas ham, had candied sweet potatoes and salad for dinner. It was a great day together as a family. I am thankful for all that the last year has brought to us. We are so very blessed to have one another, and most importantly, blessed to have a Saviour that loves us and cares so deeply for us!


faithsalutes said...

we had filet mignon and baked potatoes. i drooled. i ate and i drooled. your little goodness is so smoodgy. i just want to pick her up and squeeze her and make her giggle.

Stef said...

the glasses are fab. She knows how to work it.