Saturday, November 24, 2007

:: Shameless Plug ::

The title of this blog says it all. I am constantly amazed by how creative and talented most of my friends are. There will be shameless plugs for my friends and their amazing abilities as time goes on.

Today's shameless plug is for my friend Jessica Hoff. (Jessica and David Hoff are Analise's godparents).

Jessica has many amazing qualities and talents. To name just two of them - hostess with the mostess and camera queen. For example - if you ever walk into Jessica's house, regardless of the day or season, you can bet your bottom dollar that she will have one of the greatest 'tablescapes' (to quote the ever annoying Sandra Lee from Food Network). Jessica's tablescapes are always so classy. Simple, elegant, Martha Stewart-but-better-esque. One time Markus and I went to dinner at Jessica's house and on her table were rolls of twine, yarn, small birch wood chunks, and on top of or in each were candles. It was one of the nicest, coolest center pieces I have seen. I mean, come on...who thinks to use a roll of twine as a candle holder? Jessica does.

As you well know, I have hard time putting all of my thoughts into few words. The main point of this post is to shamelessly plug Jessica's amazing photography skills. She has an eye for such precious moments. I have attached a few pics she took of Analise and her son Sammy about a month ago when I was at the dentist.

Please visit her website at :

Prepare to be wowed. She is really gifted...and very humble about it too. I have yet to hear her say she is not nervous before going into a shoot. Without sounding like a broken record, I do my best to assure her, "you will do great, you have an amazing gift for this." She really does, and all of her shoots have turned out to be full of amazing shots.

Props to Jessica Hoff and her God given gifts and talents!

This looks a little more scandalous than it really is...Sammy blinked right when she took the picture.


Hailey said...

NINI!!!!!! Im so gladyou have a blog. now I canstalk your amazing Californian life. hehe Okay, Im kidding. slightly.

Anyways, I just want to put it out there, but your daughter is like the CUTEST kid in the world...and I think she should be a baby model. I love her blue hoodie! Your friend is an amazing photographer. love it.

Stef said...

Oh man... those pictures are super cute! Not that I doubt Jessica is super talented, but I've recently realized that a good quality camera has a lot to do with the pictures. We used my uncles super cool camera over the weekend and we were both ruined. :) I love the "click" noise it makes too!
She did take fabulous pictures. Who took the top pic of Annalise? Its SO cute! Helps that she's pretty cute too. :)

Ruth said...

YAH nini you have a blog! I love reading peoples blogs, and I assure you I will thoroughly enjoy yours!