Thursday, November 29, 2007

:: 42 Years ::

My parents just celebrated their 42nd wedding anniversary on November 27th.

These are my parents, Vernon and Maria Contessa (not sure when this pic was guess is sometime around 1984 or so. I do know it is in our old house in Vermont.) My mom was always so pretty.

In the 42 years they have been married, they have been able to push through countless trials, hardships, and also revel in many joys and victories. One of the greatest things they have done as a married couple is raise their children. They have raised six kids who, for the most part, have our heads screwed on straight. Not an easy task for the world we live in.

My dad is much deeper than he would like people to think. He is a deep thinker and a hard worker.

- He worked and went to school full time with multiple kids in the house. He got his Masters degree in psychology.

- He has overcome some major traumas that no one should have to go through, and come out with flying colors...and in turn given me a deeper respect and understanding of who he is.

- He taught himself how to write software and computer programs on a Commodore 64!

- He is very musical and plays the guitar amazingly well. Some of my most vivid, favorite memories of my childhood include my dad playing guitar while 6 kids danced and spun around him. For some reason 'Louie, Louie' never got old when one was 5 years old.

I look just like my dad, right down to the chin, curly hair, and big eyebrows. I also resemble him in the way he thinks and deals with situations. I think it is safe to say that I have more of the Contessa traits as opposed to my mom's side although I really wouldn't have minded the petite genes from my mom!

My mom is a machine, never stops doing, doing, doing.

- Primary example of this - she had 8 kids in 11 years. Woah!

- When we had the big earthquake in 1989, she says, "I like natural catastrophes". Picks up the house within 30 minutes, makes dinner, and heads to Safeway at 3am to get supplies for us.

- They now live in New Hampshire and have a fantastic house and property. My mom keeps the house up amazingly and when the branches fall in the creek behind the house, she clears it up so she can hear the brook babble.

- One time I called and my dad answered and he said, 'your mother is outside rebuilding the stone wall'. Another time he said, 'she is electrically rewiring the attic'. (or some room in the house)

That is typical of my mom. She is a hard worker and I am thankful for that. She has conquered some major obstacles in her path and become stronger through them. While I take after my dad in most areas, I believe I have gotten these traits from my mom, and I am thankful for that.

This is my mom and dad now (well, last October) Can you see any family resemblence? ;-)

This is the most recent family photo. This was taken at my brother's graduation in May of this year. The only person missing from this photo is our half sister Gerri (who recently found amazing story for another blog).

Here's to Vernon and Maria Contessa and at least 22 more years of marriage! Thank you both for all you have done for us! I am looking forward to 42 years of marriage to Markus! 3 1/2 down 38 1/2 to go!! I love it!


Stef said...

Congrats to your parents! You look very much like your dad. :)

faithsalutes said...

That is incredible. I love this post.