Sunday, July 29, 2012

:: Austria in Review - Part II - Old School ::

Please forgive the blog silence and don't take it personally.  As soon as we got home from Austria we both dove straight back into work and it has been an especially busy season for me, leaving very little free time.  I have so many posts racking up in my brain and hope to get back at it regularly. Enough about that, back to our fantastic family vacation in the land of Markus' people!

If you look back at the last post, we took the weekend to adjust to the time change.  The following Monday, we headed to Kirchdorf, the village that Markus grew up in. First we headed to Schlierbach, the private Catholic school he and his siblings attended. It is a beautiful place that looks more like a castle, set a top a hill, overlooking the town.
While we walked around the outside of campus, Markus ran into one of his old teachers. As they were catching up the kids and I checked out a beautiful fountain in a nice garden area.  This is their version of a 'quad'.  
 There was also an abundance of dandelion fairies to set free.
We headed inside the school to talk to some of his other teachers and stroll around.  Our first stop was the cathedral. This cathedral is where the catholic students had to attend mass (the nine or so Protestant students, Markus, his siblings and a few others, got to sit around while everyone else was in mass). The cathedral is decorated with ornate sculptures, statues, gold leafing on practically everything, even a glass coffin with a skeleton of one of the founding monks, which still gives me the creeps - thinking of a six or seven year old seeing a skeleton at thanks.

This is no ordinary school!
This room is where most of the school assemblies are held. At least there is something to look at if one were to get bored!
This little guy points his gun at you no matter where you stand in the room.
After we finished walking around the school, we drove by the Lettner's old house, stopped by to see some old neighbors and then headed to eat lunch.  Every time we are in his old village, we have to get Berner-Würstel at the Boathouse.   Berner-Würstel, also known as heart attack on a plate, is so good...and so bad.  It's cheese filled sausage wrapped in bacon, served with fries.
But it does come with a salad...
The Boathouse is just across the lake from the castle that is home to Schloss Klaus which is one of the many campuses for Capernwray Bible School (Markus and I met at the Capernwray in New Zealand).  His dad taught here for 25 years!
After lunch we played at the playground at the restaurant (so many playgrounds all over Austria)...
Jameson LOVED the zip line.  Pretty much every playground in Austria has a zip line.
He squealed with joy EVERY time he got to this point...
We walked around the lake, spotted heaps of fish, picked heaps of flowers and blew heaps of dandelion fairies.
We had a great start to our vacation and even though I forgot my camera, my iPhone did a pretty good job with pictures!

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Anonymous said...

we were at the age of TEN when we went to school netxt to the skeleton! so it wasn't scary, rather COOOOOOL.
the sibling

The Webbers said...

I can't wait to read more! Looks so amazing!