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:: Austria in Review - Part III - Lake Time ::

Markus' parent's house is in upper Austria, just 25 minutes from Salzburg and about 20 minutes or so from different lakes in every direction.  We spent much of our time walking around lakes and swimming in lakes (okay, okay...the kids and Stefan swam in the lakes).  Our family motto on this trip quickly became, "A lake a day makes for a great vacay!"

There was a tiny train station half a block away from his parents house that took us straight to Attersee. We took this train many, many times...and the kids loved all 7 minutes of the ride every time!
Just a quick walk from the train station...
 brought us Attersee.
Stefan came with us most of the times we took the train down there and he and Markus may have had more fun at the playground than the kids. And, for the record...playgrounds in Austria are WAY more fun than playgrounds in America!
The kids and Stefan braved the water every time even though it was full of snow-melt-runoff freezing cold water.
Hardly a day had gone by in the past two years that they did not speak of and look forward to swimming with their Uncle Stefan again.
 He was so gracious with them and swam with them as much as they wanted.
One day we went to Wolfgangsee with Markus' parents.  We enjoyed a lovely walk around part of the lake...
and along the way, we happened upon these comfy bamboo chairs outside of a restaurant and had to stop for a rest.
*Sidenote: Something fabulous about Austria is that there are restaurants in the middle of (seemingly) nowhere that you come upon, even on a leisurely stroll. To Markus' enjoyment, there are huts on the top of mountains that have a full service restaurant. For him, the promise of a hearty, authentic Austrian meal after hiking straight up for 2-3 hours is a must!

We had amazing weather and fabulous views of Wolfgansee as we strolled along.
 The water is so clear.  Needless to say, Markus wishes that fishing was allowed there.
 The views never got old for me.
Oma Heidi dipped her toes in the water...
 while Jameson searched for the perfect rocks...
 and threw every one of them in the water.
The icy cold water didn't stop the kids from getting their legs wet.
 Analise was pretending to be Ariel, the Little Mermaid.
Heinz went off to the side and started making whistles out of a hazelnut branch. Yes, he can make a working whistle out of a branch in just a few minutes - it's amazing!  Here he is teaching Markus how to do it...
 and trying to show Jameson as well...
 We couldn't walk by the comfy chairs and not take a break on the way back!
As I mentioned, there were many lakes nearby and we saw them all.  One day we went to Seewalchen with Kristin and her two kiddos.  This part of the lake has a swimming pool with a slide and if you can see it on the right hand side, a diving platform on the lake. How fun to be able to dive into the lake on a warm summers day!
Kristin and I needed at least one picture together while the kiddos played on the playground.
The day before we headed home, Heinz and Heidi took us out to lunch.  The restaurant was on top of a mountain, overlooking Attersee.  The views were breathtaking despite the rain.  I call this picture Lady of the Lake :-)
A lake a day did indeed make for a great vacay...

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