Sunday, June 10, 2012

:: Austria in Review - Part 1 ::

One month ago we scrubbed our house from top to bottom, ran last minute errands, zipped up two full duffel bags and headed to the airport to Austria.  We'd been saving for this vacation for two years and we were so excited to take off and have three weeks relaxing and enjoying time as a family. And we did have a fantastic time - so much so that I didn't make time to update the blog!

We began our journey from the San Francisco airport at 7:30pm...
 The 11 1/2 hour flight went smoothly but we were all looking forward to landing...
We had a smooth and brief layover in Zurich, Switzerland.  How many airports can you look out the window at your gate and see snow covered alps!?
Just a quick 1 hour flight from Zurich and we arrived in Vienna, Austria.  We were quickly greeted by Markus' dad and drove 2 hours to their home in Sankt Georgen.  We were all exhausted but so excited to be in Austria, with family.  After a night of sleep we spent the next few days getting acclimated to the time change, and spending time with family.

Markus' brother Stefan lives just an hour away by train and was the first to greet us when we arrived at the house and he with us every weekend.  His sister Kristin lives about ten minutes away, so we were able to see her and her kiddos, Lenja and Lorenz, the most (aside from his parents) during our trip.
We did heaps of relaxing. Lots of sitting on the sunny back porch, talking, laughing, watching the kiddos climb around and play on the swingset with their cousins.

Sunday morning after we arrived, around 1:15am, the kiddos woke up bright eyed and ready to play!  They did a great job staying in their room playing quietly and finally fell back asleep at 4am.  The only problem with that was that Markus and I were WIDE awake that whole time and we couldn't go back to sleep! Finally around 5:30am Markus went upstairs to have some coffee and I decided to go for an early morning run (if only I were up for running that early every morning)!  This was the view from our bedroom as I got ready at 6am - sunshine on the clock tower as the church bells were ringing.
That evening we had a great reunion with Markus' mom Heidi as she returned from her weekend conference, however we were all exhausted - I fell asleep at 7:30pm. By Monday morning we were on schedule and ready to conquer Austria - or at least the areas surrounding Sankt Georgen!

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Stephanie said...

What a wonderful experience for all of you. Can't wait to read part II and see more photos.

Stephanie said...

Sounds like you all had an amazing trip. :-) We miss you 'neighbor'!

Erin said...

That church is awesome!
Where are the rest of your photos? ;)