Wednesday, January 25, 2012

:: He Helped ::

Last week we were doing some errands and as we were headed home, we saw a young man on the corner holding a sign. Jameson asked what the man was doing and I told him that he was asking for food or money and unfortunately, we didn't have either in the car. Instantly, Jameson said, "Well we can go home and make him lunch. Can we Mama?" (It must be something about being three and more aware of the world around them. Analise was just three when she did something very similar.)

We quickly darted home and with help from from Jameson, a sandwich was made and a bag was filled up with snap peas, carrots, oranges, almonds, and a banana. We jumped back in the car and drove back to the corner to find the man. Jameson yelled, "There he is Mama! I see him! Roll the window down, I want to give him his lunch!" As we rolled up to him, Jameson said "Hello, I wanted to make lunch for you so I did! I hope you like it!" and handed the bag to him. The gentleman was so pleased and thankful!
In fact, I am not sure who was more happy, the gentleman we gave the lunch to or Jameson!

I'm one proud mama!


Stephanie said...

Next time you're having a 'bad mom day' - look back at this post. Your kids have amazing hearts! :-)

Stephanie said...

What great kids you have!

Also - you are an OUTSTANDING mom.

The Webbers said...

What a sweet little heart. And what an awesome momma that you did that with Jameson.

Jan & Jerry Watkins said...

Fruit of the Holy Spirit in action. He has been taught well, Nini and Markus. What a blessing.

Bonnie said...

One proud Mama, as you should be! You have such fantastic kids. What a sweet, kind and generous thing to do. Way to go Jameson!!