Sunday, May 1, 2011

:: Our Easter Weekend::

Weeks have passed since I last posted and a week has passed already since we celebrated Easter. With all of the busyness of the past few weeks, it was so nice to slow down a bit and celebrate Easter throughout the weekend. As a child, Easter was always a fun and special day. My mom put together some of the most amazing Easter baskets for my siblings and I and she is still carrying that on with my kiddos (she sent a huge box full of fun art stuff for them).

The exciting part about having kids of our own is that we get to create our own family traditions. Easter baskets, dyeing eggs, and egg hunts are just part of the excitement and joy of celebrating Easter. The most important, meaningful, and joyous part of this special day is that we celebrate the greatest day in history. The resurrection of Jesus - and with it, the greatest gift we could ever ask for.

It was fun to be able to partake in the fun festivities that Easter brings. We began Saturday by coloring eggs, which was serious business to Analise.
I overheard her say, "Jameson, make your egg blue. Jesus is a boy and he probably likes blue and Easter is his day so you can make him a blue egg."

After thinking about it for a minute he replied, "Jesus likes green too." {I think he is probably right!}
The finished products.
Later in the afternoon we went to Jessica's annual Jesus Loves Me party. It is such a special time to celebrate the deep meaning of Easter through the eyes of little ones. She didn't skimp on the fancy details either. She had everything from cake pops to delectable cookies.
While her dad told a story about God's BIG love for us, the dads' were hiding eggs outside. The egg hunt was such good fun for everyone and the bounty was plentiful!
This little man just may have been more excited about the baseball bat than the eggs though...
We spent Sunday together as a family - starting the day at church, enjoying a delicious homemade brunch, a lovely walk by the ocean and lamb burgers for dinner.

What does your family usually eat on Easter?


Stef said...

Loved these pictures and loved hearing from you!!
Your kids suddenly look like they're growing like crazy!

We usually eat something with ham. Last year I made ham and then the following week we had split pea with ham soup and ham and eggs and ham sandwiches :)
But this year we had quiche at our friend's house. It was so yummy! And I thought it was a fun idea of my friend to use, since they're made with lots of eggs :)
I always make the watergate salad - Ethan's favorite.

Stephanie said...

I like the idea of a "Jesus Loves Me" party. Very creative...and meaningful too!