Wednesday, December 22, 2010

:: Christmas Surprise ::

Tonight we did our normal routine. Got the kiddos ready for bed and tucked in. Finished up the evening chores - dishes, making Markus' lunch for tomorrow, picking up the house. By that time, the kids had quieted down in their beds and were almost asleep. Suddenly, we burst into their room, told them to get out of bed right away and get their boots on. They were a bit bewildered - wondering what on earth we were doing (especially since we are pretty adamant about them staying in their beds). That was until we exclaimed...

"CHRISTMAS SURPRISE!! Get your boots on...we're going to look at Christmas lights!"

Oh golly! The excitement. The joy. The immediate hugs and exclamations of thanks and excitement were *so* worth the late night and most likely the cranky morning that may follow. Analise wanted me to document it as an "I'm so excited" moment.
Jameson wanted a photo do-over.
They were so excited that we sprung this surprise on them! Jameson was just beside himself. Every light he saw he squealed and shrieked and yelled, "CHRISTMAS LIGHTS!!" As we drove along, Analise sang us her own Christmas songs and announced the title of each one before she performed. They had very long titles such as: 'Jesus is born on Christmas day and the shepherds came to see him and the angels sing about him and Christmas is for giving to others and Santa says Ho Ho Ho'. Really. (look for it on iTunes)

Here is one of the sparkling houses we ventured to. The house next to this one had their light show timed to a radio station!
Photo courtesy of The Ron Fugelseth

Christmas Surprise night was a hit for all of us! Have you gone out on a Christmas light excursion yet? If so, where do you go?


Ashley said...

No... Where did YOU go?? SO FUN to surprise the kiddos :)

Mrs. IbStarC said...

I would like to be the first to purchase Analise's holiday CD. :)
LOVE YOU GUYS! Merry, merry Christmas!

Stef said...

SO fun! I love how you did this. We do this every year as well, but we don't surprise them that way. I think we may try that next year :) I bet they'd love the excuse to pop out of bed once they were put in bed!

Erin said...

Nini! This is so cute!!
I drove the kids around nearby neighborhoods the night before Christmas eve. They loved it. Some of the houses were pretty decked out. But, nothing award winning, I don't think!

Jan & Jerry Watkins said...

Hi girlfriend... yes, it's ME. I catch up on the Lettner family, and I'm so pleased I did. You guys are just fabulous! And doing wonderfully. Missing you gobs... Jan & Jer

Stephanie said...

You guys are such fun parents! I bet they'll be talking about that night for WEEKS. :)

Thanks for being inspiring and fun.