Friday, November 19, 2010

:: Turkeys, Turkeys Everwhere ::

We went on a walk around the neighborhood last night and Analise saw a Happy Thanksgiving sign hanging in someone's window. She decided that she wanted to make her own sign. While I was making mushroom and beef stew in the kitchen and she was coloring at the dining table, the following conversation took place:

A: "Mom! Can you tell me how to spell 'happy'?"
Me: "Sure. h - a - p - p - y"
A: "Say it slower please."
Me: "Okay. Just tell me when you want the next letter. The first letter is H"
A: "Thanks. What's next?"

And, on it went until she asked me how to spell 'thanksgiving' which she asked me to spell 'really super-duper slowly'.

A: "Mom. What's that 'K' look like again?"
Me: "I can come show you."
A: "No thanks. Just tell me, does it look like a kite?"
Me: "Well, it does look like the first letter in the word kite."

The next thing I know, she asks me to come to the table to look at the sign she made. This is what she did...ALL ON HER OWN!!
Her description was, "You see, I made a turkey out of my hand. Then I drew a barn. With a yellow fence to keep the chickens out. I tried to write thanksgiving under the happy, but my letters were too big and wouldn't fit. Oh, and the barn has an American flag on it since we live in America."

And...since the creation of this sign, she has been drawing turkeys all day. We have big turkeys, little turkeys, slow turkeys, running turkeys, purple turkeys, mom turkeys, dad turkeys. She even drew a princess turkey! Needless to say, I am one proud mom!


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she is so funny!!!! "does it look like a kite?"

aw what a cutie. she is a really good drawer!!!!