Monday, November 22, 2010

:: Happy Dirfbay ::

Thirty two years ago Markus Lettner entered the world - and I am so thankful that he did! We celebrated him throughout the day with songs, hugs, kisses, drawings, gifts from the heart, a special lunch delivery, more songs, more hugs, more kisses, a big steak dinner and his favorite dessert.
The kiddos helped me make the cake and the pudding for the trifle in the morning and there was plenty of lingering later in the afternoon as I was assembling case any spoons needed licking. They were so excited to sing Happy Birthday (for the umpteenth time) to help him blow out the candles.
We are beyond blessed to have this man in our lives! Happy Birthday Markus. Jameson would say, "Happy Dirfbay Daddy!" We love you!


Anonymous said...

Herzlichen Glückwunsch, kleiner Bruder
-ein Schwesterherz

Sally said...

Happy Bithday Markus! It looks like the kids had just as much fun as the birthday boy!

Anonymous said...

mucka pucka..happy birthday!!
ein anderes schwesterherz

Stef said...

so cute! I love the "cake" idea too - looks yummy.
Happy Birthday, Marcus!

Anonymous said...

oh wie schön dass du mein grosser bruder bist!!!
noch ein schwesterherz

Stephanie said...

Sounds like a wonderful day! He's 32. How old are you? (I can't remember). :)

Also - when is your birthday?

Ashley said...


Anonymous said...

happy birthday to markus!!!!!!!

that dessert looks AMAZING