Tuesday, September 14, 2010

:: Salzburg with Stefan ::

While we were in Austria we (our little family of four), along with Stefan, stole away for part of the day and headed to Salzburg. Our mission: Salzburg in six hours. I, being a tourist, wanted to see this beautiful city and revel in all that it beheld. And in case you are wondering - yes - I would have done the 'Sound of Music' tour if I could have!

We actually tried to visit the Sound of Music house, but alas, it has been turned into a conference center, so we didn't get further than the front gate. We did however spot this castle (called Hohensalzburg Castle) and decided to make our way up to it through the old city. And when I say old, I mean old. Construction on this castle began in 1077 and the ring walls and towers were completed in 1462!!
We had planned on walking a few kilometers into the city, but it started raining...
So we piled back into the car and parked in the side of a mountain. Literally. The parking garage we ended up in was in the middle of a mountain. It was hot and muggy inside, as many caves are, and the walkway out to the city was a tunnel. The tunnel even has all sorts of fancy things to look at as you make your way out.
The weather cleared up and we spent most of our time walking around this beautiful, intricately decorated, old city. I loved the shop signs that were hanging everywhere.
Even McDonald's was fancy!
My kids absolutely *adore* their Uncle Stefan. He is an amazing uncle (to all nine of his nieces and nephews) and this was a regular scene throughout our time in Austria.
We saw some of the most popular sights...Mozart was born here in 1756.
The Mirabell Gardens were beautiful! The park was designed in 1689 and redesigned sometime between 1721 and 1727. Everywhere we turned within the park there was breathtaking beauty! I thought about singing a rendition of "Do-Re-Mi", but I refrained -- we were still on our mission to get to the castle up ahead.

We took a few breaks here and there...

Jameson loved seeing the horse-drawn carriages all around...
...and hanging with his uncle.
Analise loved the fountains...

...and the ice cream of course.
By the time we made it to our final destination, we were quite tired. Analise wanted to know how many princesses lived in the castle and if there were any trampolines inside. I told her that there may have been a princess or two that had lived there at one time, but as far as the trampolines go...I wasn't so positive.
Salzburg in six hours is not nearly enough...that just means we will have to go back some time!

Have you ever been to Salzburg? What is the oldest city you have visited?


Stef said...

the buildings, the gardens, the horses in the streets... its all so amazing! I want to go!
Only place out of the US I've been (which is technically still part of the US, but still...) is Hawaii.
We need to travel more, I guess :)

Sally said...

Nope, I've never been to Salzburg and I'm pretty sure the oldest city I've been to has been somewhere on the East Coast... Boston maybe? Here I thought the 1600s were old and you go mentioning the 1400s. :)

I'm glad to see that you had Sound of Music on the mind. :) I would have too!

Cliiiiiimmbbb everrrryyyy mountainnnnnnn!

briandem said...

Neens, I went there 3 years ago on my Europe trip with Laura, and yes, we did the sound of music tour, haha. It was amazing and touristy :-) You would have loved it!

Krista said...

Beautiful pictures! The oldest city I have ever been to is Athens. :) Actually, I don't really know which city in Greece is the oldest, lol! It is so amazing going somewhere with such rich history!

Lisa said...

Oh, yes. We will do the Sound of Music tour. I'm officially inviting myself (and the boys, too, I suppose!) on your next trip. :)

I've been to Paris and Nantes, France.

Heidi said...

oh my goodness, your trip looks like a fairytale! I want to visit!

big hair betty said...

I LOVE the ice cream photo of Analise!!

Stephanie said...

What a perfectly magical place! I'm not a fan of McDonalds, but I almost would have wanted to stop in with architecture like that. The US of A could learn a thing or two from that city. ;)


Nell said...

Oh this is all just so BEAUTIFUL!