Saturday, June 19, 2010

:: He's the Best ::

For quite some time I prayed that the man I married would not only be a great husband, but a wonderful father as well. That prayer has been answered in Markus. He is amazing in so many ways, especially as the father of our children. As Analise and Jameson say, "He's the BEST!"
We spent the day loving on him and lavishing him with 'The Bestest Dad" treatment. He got to sleep in a bit, be greeted by two little munchkies yelling "Happy Father's Day!" He was then served a hearty breakfast of waffles topped with fresh organic strawberries, bacon, coffee, and lots of hugs. After church he came home, relaxed on the couch and watched the US Open. We topped off the evening with some delicious ribs!

Analise spent the entire week planning the card she wanted to make him. On the front she wanted to draw a picture of she and Markus fishing and on the back write what she liked about him.

Here is the front (please note: the ONLY thing I drew on this were the fishing poles and the curved part of the letter D)...She dictated exactly what she wanted me to write on the back of the card: 'Things I Like About Daddy': Jameson absolutely adores Markus too. Lately he walks around the house all day long saying, "I love my Daddy. My Daddy. Love. Love. My Daddy."
Happy Father's Day Markus!


the tofts said...

ugh! precious!! i love that card so much.

Stef said...

cute pictures, Nini and such a sweet post!
Happy Father's Day, Marucs!

KC and Jer said...

haha! jer had pretty much the same day!sleep in, breakfast, church, down time was world cup, and ribs for dinner! see you guys tomorrow!

Stephanie said...

Analise's card is super sweet. You have a budding artist there! :)

P.S. Your husband has great style! I like his shirt & his jeans. Very trendy.

Bonnie said...

This is really beautiful. Its so sweet to hear how much they adore their Daddy. You're a blessed woman :)

casual friday every day said...

warms my heart to see that your daughter has such a good daddy. you son, too, but i went without a good daddy all my life (still am) and i miss what could have been.