Monday, August 31, 2009

:: 10 Months ::

Jameson is 10 months old today. In a nutshell, he:
is so fun to be around - usually smiling, laughing or exploring curiously - has dry elbows and knees from crawling everywhere - *adores* his dad and his sister - waves hello and goodbye - says 'uh oh' - is walking all around the furniture, but still doesn't know how to get down - started clapping today! - gives slobbery kisses - is wavering between one and two naps (way too young for one nap - at least I think so) - still doesn't care for fruit, but if it is green he will eat it - peas, broccoli, avocado, even zucchini - eats O's like they are going out of style - loves to drink water from a sippy cup - LOVES to swim - is goofy and is learning how to be purposefully funny.There has yet to be a day that he hasn't made us laugh and smile. He is a bright light in this house and we are so thankful to have him!

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