Thursday, June 11, 2009

:: 41 Days and Counting ::

Don't let this face fool you...As happy as he is to pose for the camera, even with food on his face, this boy will not eat solid foods! I have tried everything I can think of. For the past 41 days, I have tried all types of foods - purees, fruit, yogurt (as seen above), oatmeal, teething biscuits. I have offered him Cheerios, cheese, and even watermelon to navigate on his own and he is so NOT interested in any of it.

This is the real face he makes when I try to feed him:In other news...since the Presidential Inauguration in January, Analise constantly asks about our President. This is a common conversation in this house, almost verbatim each time:

A: "What Barack Obama doing?"
Me: "um...working"
A: "Why?"
Me: "Because he is our President and he has to work."
A: "Where is Barack Obama?"
Me: "um...probably at the White House."
A: "Why?"
Me: "Working for our country."
A: "What's our country?"
Me: "We live in America."
A: "A country like Germany?"
Me: "Yes. America is a country like Germany is a country"
A: "Does Barack Obama like Germany?"
Me: "I am sure he does like Germany."
A: "Why?"
Me: "Because..."
A: "What Barack Obama doing?"

Today, while playing outside with a soccer ball she came up to me and asked, "Mama, do you think Barack Obama will play soccer with me?" "I think if he wasn't so busy running the country, he may play soccer with you."


Robin said...

LOVE the conversations!

briandem said...

Cutest conversation her!

Stef said...

ok... Jameson is the opposite of Kara -she eats everything in site and still wants more!
I love the conversation between you girls... so cute!

Mrs. IbStarC said...

I hope she will teach Knox to be so clever! :)

Montana said...

Wow, not often you'll find a male who won't eat! At least he's cute about the stubbornness! And the Barak Obama conversations are adorable!

Bethany said...

Must be something about his name cause Tori sings his name and says... Barak, rhymes with rock...

Have you given little man a spoon? Siah only wanted to feed himself. Huge mess though.


Stephanie said...

Your kids are soooo cute.

Your little boy's hair is adorable.

And I love that your daughter asked if Barack Obama would play soccer with her. That's the sweetest thing.

Anonymous said...

hi family!
those are cute pictures of jameson- i could send you the same kind of pictures with lenjas face from today. it happens in the best families!!!

Erin said...

The Barak obsession is hilarious!

hailey said...

Seriously you have THE FUNNIEST daughter in the entire world. I LOVE reading your blog because it always makes me laugh or smile (especially when you are posting Analise's words!!!!!! AHH!