Friday, March 13, 2009

:: Cousins ::

Markus' sister and her family are in town! This is the fourth year that they have come to visit and we love having them here! Here are some photos of the newest cousin--Noa Emma Dengel. I couldn't choose my favorite, so there are a few.
This is Ana.We went to the aquarium yesterday and I am pretty sure she had a fabulous time!Yesterday in the car, Analise said to me, "Ana is so so good a cousin to me."


Erin (Mamatoosi) said...

Cute kiddos!

Out of curiosity, I just wanted to know if you had any psychic abilities? I was going back to Sarah Martin's blog to see who won the bet on the Jackson stats and you had the day right, the length spot on, only off by an oz on the weight, and only a matter of hours time of day. Crazy!

hailey said...

Oh my goodness these kids are too cute. Post more post more!

Analise is seriously SUCH a doll. I love the things she says.

Sally said...

Cousins are the best. I have the best, best cousins ever. It sounds like Analise and Jameson do as well. ;)