Saturday, January 24, 2009

:: Naptime is Nice ::

Analise goes in her room for her nap at 1:00pm although she doesn't necessarily fall asleep right away.  She will talk and play for over an hour sometimes.  The other day, after an hour of 'naptime' fun in her room, I called out to her and told her to get in bed.  A little while later, I was still hearing noises and this is what I found:
This is what Jameson was doing at the same time:
He naps he fell asleep on his own without being swaddled!
Today, both kids gave me almost three hours of the same time!!  VICTORY!!


big hair betty said...

That is awesome! Doesn't it almost feel like you can't get as much done in that long of time, because you don't feel like starting something, IF they are going to wake up in a short time, but then the time turns long and you realize you just had a whole 3 HOURS to yourself???

Stef said...

Nice! I love when they go to sleep on their own for the first time. It is sweet victory. :)
Also, I love your new layout!

Anonymous said...

Lisis naptime looks almost the same than Anas..except..Ana needs TWO books (funny enough for a ONE bookstore-child!!!!!)..Hey, guys we are making serious plans to show up....
big hug