Thursday, January 1, 2009

:: Cold Play ::

The past few weeks have brought two sick kids, holiday fun, and some cold weather.  Having been cooped up in the house for some time, it has been nice to finally get out and play in the cold a bit. Seeing Analise enjoying herself and playing brings joy to my heart at a much needed time.  We had a week straight of seemingly endless tantrums (over anything and everything) which gets very frustrating and tiring.  Moments and scenes like these make it all okay.

It doesn't take much more than an old Christmas tree stand, water, and a stick.
Jameson was outside with us too.  Here he is watching Analise 'make music'.
He gets so serious.
Here's looking toward a New Year of adventures, challenges, and much joy!


Mrs. IbStarC said...

Looks like fun! I wish we were there to play. Heard you guys had some snow? Is that true?!

Sally said...

I still think the simple things in life are the best. A book on a cold day, homemade pizza, a camp fire. Well, except for my iPod Touch. That thing is rad!