Wednesday, December 31, 2008

:: Festivus ::

Where is the time going?  The new year is upon us and I am just now posting a few Christmas pictures!  We had a wonderful Christmas!  We spent Christmas Eve with our dear friends the Cecy's/Ollenburgers (I think this is year 11 with them?!).  Christmas day was spent at home with our little family.  We had a great, relaxing day.  Analise LOVED all of the wonderful gifts that my family sent for her...thank you all!Much of her day was spent looking at and playing with her new toys.  She is also becoming very maternal.  Note her new Whinnie the Pooh bear and baby Ana tucked in 'bed' (made out of a diaper box).My mom sent some Finding Nemo figurines that Analise quickly named "the guys".  She spends quite a bit of time each day setting "the guys" up--everywhere.
Before she went to bed Analise wanted to wear 'daddy's dress'!
Markus cooked up a delicious seafood feast for dinner.  Ummm..DELICIOUS!  
The tree and other holiday decor came down yesterday and our house is back to normal.  Here is to all of the adventures that are to come in the New Year!


Stef said...

I love the idea of a seafood Christmas. I have to admit, I'm a little bit over the mundane traditional holiday foods. My family does Italian Thanksgivings, which has been a blast.
Cute pictures and yes, the year did fly by.

faithsalutes said...

I like the daddy dress.

Sally said...

When I was a kid we had oyster stew every Christmas Eve. It was a tradition in my Mom's family. Not the most ideal kid food I assure you, but I wouldn't trade the memories of Mom trying to get us to eat it for anything. And finally, years later, I can eat two oysters with out gagging! Victory! (I think?)