Sunday, September 14, 2008

:: This and That ::

I have been MIA this week...sorry about that.  While I know a blog doesn't need to have pictures, I always like to have them, so without pictures, I tend to let the blogging lag.  Here are a few tidbits from this last pics included.


:: She Loves Him Much ::

On Friday, Analise was laying on her tummy playing with a wooden lion and out of the blue the following conversation ensued:

Analise: "Da-yee"
Markus: "Yes Analise"
Analise: "I yuv you Da-yee"

For no reason at all she just decided she needed to declare her love for her dad.  It melted both of us.  Now if she will tell me that some day I wouldn't mind either! :-)


:  It's Baaaaacccckkkk ::

I posted the other week about my wretched pregnancy rash and how I was taking natural, herbal remedies to make it better...which completely worked.  Well, last weekend I ran out of my flax seed oil capsules and just got lazy and did not buy more.  I was still taking the dandelion root, but only once a day instead of three times a day.  Lo and behold, the rash came back!  No joke!  Not nearly as severe, and as soon as I detected any sort of minimal itch I ran to the store and stocked up on Flax Seed Oil and Dandelion Root.  I have been back on it three times a day for four days now...hopefully in the next few days this will go away again.  

That's what I get for being lazy!

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Steph said...

So precious that she said she loved him!! And amazing that she was aware and able to communicate it! wow.