Friday, September 5, 2008

:: I'm A Believer ::

It is quite rare that I get sick, or have many ailments.  I have relatively easy pregnancies, which I am so thankful for, however a few weeks ago, I got PUPPPS.  No, I did not get a litter of dogs.  I will spare you the long drawn out name, but in short, it is a pregnancy rash that looks and acts like a combination of poison oak, hives and a really bad sunburn - all at the same time.  It is wretched.  It typically begins within the third trimester and lasts until baby is born!  I had it during my first pregnancy and it only lasted 3-4 weeks, however this time it was a much more severe and widespread rash, so I was hoping it would only last 5-6 weeks.  I DID NOT want to wait another 10 weeks for it to go away!

I try not to complain much, however when the rash appeared, and continued to spread and get worse and worse, it was all I could do to not whine and writh in pain and intolerable itchyness.  After a pointless visit to the doctor, using up four tubes of anti-itch cream, lots of Benedryl that didn't do a darn thing, and getting sick of sleeping with two ice packs every night, I decided to get online and see what else I could come up with.  

After reading numerous blogs, forum discussions, and articles that have absolutely NO medical backing, I decided to try what a lot of women were saying worked for them:

Dandelion Root
Flax Seed Oil
I am not typically one to like to take much of anything, whether herbal or not, however in my desperation I was willing to try anything.  From what I read, people said that when they took Dandelion Root and Flax Seed Oil together they noticed that the rash and it symptoms started to get better after five days or so.  They both are safe and only provide good things for your body (mainly related to liver function) so I started taking them three times a day, every day.  After day six I noticed that my rash was no longer spreading, and the itch had reduced tremendously!  I have been taking this combo for 12 days now and my rash is completely gone and the itch is so minimal I wouldn't consider it a bother at all.

I am officially a believer in this NON medically recommended remedy!  It has worked for me...this far at least!  I am not ready to stop taking it as I am not ready for the rash to come back...but I am a believer!  I will not go into the details of why people think this combo works on the rash (you can look it up...has to do with the liver).  I am convinced that it has worked for me!  Who would have thought that a pesky weed's roots and a ton of Omega 3's would bring sanity back to my life!?  I am a believer!


Anonymous said...

That's awesome Nini! It's a wonderful thing to be relieved of an ailment! Praise Jesus! And I do not say this lightly!

Bethany said...

I'm so happy you're not dealing with the rash anymore. Apparently my Mom had the same thing while prego with Jake. It has something to do with how the baby is positioned near the liver or something like that. Anyways, it makes since that those things work. Good job researching.

faithsalutes said...

nature...does it every time.

Mrs. IbstarC said...

Woo-HOO! So glad to hear that you are itch-free again! Now you can get some sleep. :)

big hair betty said...

That is so cool! Glad to hear something worked to give you some relief!!