Wednesday, July 30, 2008

:: Meno Sticks-er ::

Currently, a few of Analise's favorite things are stickers and Finding Nemo.  She loves to put stickers everywhere.  She will put them on herself then run to the mirror to check it out.  She will put them on anything, including the cat.  She smiles and says "sticks-er".
Finding Nemo is a treat in this house, and she LOVES Nemo. Whenever the word comes out of one of our mouths, she smiles, jumps around, waves her arms and says "Meno!!"(emphatically pronounced MEE-NO).   Every time she sees a fish, a duck, a pelican, a dolphin - anything water related - the first thing out of her mouth is "MENO".  She knows it is Nemo, and can say Nemo perfectly, however she chooses to insist on calling him Meno.  It is rather endearing, even after the 100th time.

Today we went over to the Hoff's to play with Jessica, Sammy and Joey (who woos me with his lovely brown eyes each time I see him).  Knowing that Analise is currently obsessed with both stickers and Nemo, they kindly got her some Finding Nemo stickers!  What could be better?!

After Markus got home from work today, we busted out the Nemo stickers.  Here are a few pictures of the end result.

I told her to go give some to dad:
I asked if she could share some of her stickers with 'brother' and this was the result (minus a few of the pink octopus stickers that were put on the wipe box):


Jessica Hoff said...

Yay! We love you leesie loo! Glad you had fun with 'em.

big hair betty said...

Oh, Ezra loved Nemo too! We really have seen it TOO many times, although it has been a while since we've watched it. Very heart-warming to hear how Annalise says Meno! Our favorite pronunciation was Nem-Ne. Do they have girl's Nemo undies?? That was a big hit!

Bonnie said...

I love that she calls him "Meno!" That is so cute. And the placement of her stickers in those pictures is priceless :)

Anonymous said...

finally I got my picture of the baby-belly!!!!!
xx clau

Jan said...

Analise is growing up, such a beauty! And now I see a bump on Mommy? I'm out of the loop, my fault, I'm sorry. Jan W.