Monday, June 23, 2008

:: Lady Like Things ::

We have had some toasty hot weather here in the past few days.  It has finally cooled off, however it was fun while it lasted.  Analise wore shorts, tank tops and dresses for quite a few days.  here are some pics of her playing outside with water and in her favorite dress. 
We went to our dear friends, Ryan and Renee's house (or lack thereof after the fire) today to see the property.  Analise always LOVES going there and playing with Kendall and Caroline.  Today the girls dressed her up like a fairy and drove her around in her stroller.  She was laughing and smiling the whole time.  In these pictures she wasn't too sure about the whole get up until they showed her that the wand made a special fairy sound.   It was too cute.
What a princess!


Stef said...

she is so cute! Rachel loved looking at these pics. :)

Sally said...

She just looks like such a character. The look on her face when she has the big shoes on is so precious.

Anonymous said...

ana was sooo happy when she saw lieschen and the girls..her favourite picture is the one with lieschen in her dress.."lieschen schööön" (which means lieschen very pretty!!)