Monday, June 23, 2008

:: Ashes ::

Most of you know by now that there have been terrible wildfires in Northern California the past few weeks.  Unfortunately another fire broke out on Friday, June 20th on Trabing Road in Watsonville which just so happens to be the street our dear friends the Cecy's and the Ollenburger's live.   Amazingly, only one of three houses on the property burnt down.  The firefighters were fantastic and saved all that they could.  
Tragically, Ryan and Renee Ollenburger's house was reduced to ashes.  It is just devastating to see what was once a house is now just ashes and to know that they were not able to get anything.  No pictures, nothing.   Ryan and Renee have been dealing with this loss so wonderfully.  The community has come together in unbelievable ways.  I have been inspired by the generosity of people to support this family, and more inspired by the peace and grace that Renee and Ryan have had through this situation.  
We went to their property today and looked around.  It looks completely different.  It is a crazy contrast to see two of the houses still standing, untouched by fire, and the other 46 acres just burnt to a crisp.   Here are some pictures of the property.

This was Ryan and Renee's front door!
This used to be their guest house bedroom!
This was the guest house kitchen:
Some of the upper property
Thankfully no one was hurt at all.  God had been gracious to them all in this time.  Feel free to pray for them as they start sorting through and processing all that has happened in the past few days!


Stef said...

this is so sad! I'm glad to see they have people who love them and are supporting them through this... I cannot imagine. Thankfully they have God taking care of them as well. I'll remember to keep them in my prayers. The pictures spoke volumes. So weird how our things (just things, but loved and valued nonetheless) can be gone in seconds.

Bonnie said...

I cannot even begin to imagine how they must be feeling. SO devastating to think that not only are the material possessions gone, but all those pictures and memories in the house. Ahh, i just feel sick for them. Definitely sending up prayers for them!

Erin said...

We were very sorry to hear of this loss! We are praying for them!

Team Garaway said...

so so sad, what a devistation. we are praying for them