Monday, May 19, 2008

:: Her Middle Name Fits ::

Analise's middle name is Joy. What a fitting name it is. This little girl brings us great joy all of the time. She has been a bit sick the past week...first with a cold, and last night she got sick in her tummy...all is better now in that area, but she is still not on her A game. We often comment on what a joy she is in our lives. Even when she is sick, she is a joy to be around. She is the 'happiest sick kid' we know. The few times she has been sick, she doesn't complain or whine much, she still manages to make us laugh, and remains quite jovial. The best part is how snuggly she gets!

She had a long nap today, and woke up a bit subdued, but smiling. Because she has not been feeling well we gave in to one of her guilty pleasures and let her watch her favorite cartoon, Ratatouille. She has yet to see it from start to finish. She catches ten minutes here, ten minutes there, but she just loves it. As soon as you say the main characters name, Remy, she lights up and gets so excited. Here is a pic of our little sick girl getting her 15 minutes of Remy today. As soon as Markus walked in the house, she was up and following him around the house. We are so thankful to have such a joy in our lives!


Stef said...

this picture is a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e :)

B&E said...

Yes, they really have Rosetta Stone at the library, and yes you can bring it home. How amazing is that! You should go online to the sc library and see if they have a German on in the'd love it. And I love Analise....she is adorable.

P.S. How are you feeling and how is the grapefruit (or whatever fruit it is right now)?

Anonymous said...

hope you feel better little joy-cousin!!!
lots of love and a big "get-better-hug"