Monday, April 7, 2008

:: Stuck ::

I am on a blogging roll...I have been somewhat MIA the past few weeks, so I am on a roll today! Last weekend on Saturday morning, Markus got up with Analise so I could stay in bed (which is so nice, except that for some reason, I can never fall back asleep). While I was still laying in bed I heard a bit of a commotion. Analise was sort of whining...sounding really annoyed...until she finally started yelling.

I came out to find everything seemingly fine, until Markus showed me a series of pictures he had taken and what the previous fuss was all about. It is quite funny...and yes...this is what her hair really looks like every morning before I attack her with a hair clip! (Sometimes we call her our little sheepdog).

She looks like she just gave up and is waiting to be rescued!


Ruth said...

haha...i love how markus waits until he has gotten pictures of her before he helps. :-)

big hair betty said...

GREAT Hair!!!

Anonymous said...

a lot of trouble for a series of very nice pics!!! ana was very excited to see "lisiiii" on the picture.

hailey said...

Oh man, I wish I lived closer to you guys. She is seriously a RIOT!!!!!!