Monday, April 7, 2008

:: Analise and Littles ::

Our cat's name is Littles. We have had him for 2 1/2 years, and he is a great cat. We weren't too sure how he would adjust to having Analise around, however he has handled it quite well...sometimes we think too well! Littles and Analise have a very special relationship. Every morning when she sees him she points and says, "ki-ki-ki" and gets so excited. Every time we get home from doing errands, walking--you name it, she is always excited to see her cat. Every single day!

Littles loves Analise just as much. He is always checking on her. If she cries, he runs to her side to see what is going on. When she used to cry at night, he would run to her door and scratch on the door and try to push it open to make sure she was fine. If she falls and says, "Uh oh", he gets up and walks over to her to see if she is hurt. He lets her pull on his tail, pat him pretty hard, poke his eyes and his nose, and he even lets her try to pick him up as she says, "UP! UP!" He is the most tolerant cat I have ever seen, and for that, I am thankful. These aren't the best pictures, but they capture how much they like each other. I often find her laying on the ground just staring at him and petting him.
This was just before she tried to give him a kiss

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Anonymous said...

"katze"...und "lisii"..ana was totally excited to see her two little friends on the computer...but immediatly she asked "nini????" ands we had to look for some pics of you..and than she started asking for "nennee, sue and nuo"..and then i had to pass..we miss you guys a lot!!!thanks for all the super blogs!!