Tuesday, February 19, 2008

:: They're Dengel-rific ::

The Dengels are here, the Dengels are here! Markus' sister Claudia, her husband Werner and their daughter Ana are here visiting us. They have been here for two weeks, and will be here for two more. We have been enjoying our time with them very much. I know they love it here in California as this is their third time visiting us. The first time they came for 1o days. The next year they came for 3 weeks, and this time they are here for 4 weeks. Next year, they may just move here (ha ha).

They really enjoy taking long walks on the beach (no, this is not a classified ad). Almost every day, they take a long walk with Ana on the sand. Ana LOVES to play in the sand and meticulously touch everything and take it all in. Here are some pictures of one of their afternoons on their favorite beach.

This is Claudia looking for shells:
Ana getting a ride from Werner:

Ana showing mom what shells she should take home:Sunshine kisses:
She loves the beach:
Say cheese!
What a view!
Next blog will be about our weekend in Yosemite with the Dengels and the Ollenburgers. Good times were had by all!


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous baby girl and gorgeous sunset. I better combo I cannot imagine.

hailey said...

What a sweetie. She's a darling!

You guys seem to have such a mild winter! I want the warm Cali sun.

big hair betty said...

Great pictures Nini! We live in a great place! (too bad I never see you!!!)

Anonymous said...

Awwww! I love them more than you'll ever know! We actually wish they'd stay a bit longer. Maybe next year ;)

When are the rest of the siblings coming?!? We're ready!


Stephanie and Brad said...

Hi Nini,

Brad has talked heaps about you and Marcus and so I know who you are! Gotta love the blogging world as you're not quite sure who you will find.
Brad and I have pretty much fallen in love with Australia and so it'll be hard to come home. But when we do, he will be looking for places to go on surf trips and so we just might have to make a trip down to California. I know he would love that. He'd love to be touch with you guys again. I'd like to meet your daughter as she seems very very sweet. Hopefully sometime in the future we can make a point of meeting up.
Thanks for saying hi!