Sunday, January 13, 2008

:: The Lettner Fam ::

Today I was thinking about my husband and why I appreciate him. This got me to thinking about his family and where he came from. I am so thankful for Markus and his siblings and the values that they were taught through their parents. Markus was brought up in a Christian home, and while he had his fair share of rebellion in different ways throughout adolescence, the values and Truth that he was taught have remained within him. The legacy that his parents have instilled in him are now being passed on in our family and to Analise.

I have had the privilege of meeting everyone in Markus' family, and I really enjoy each one of them. I have always felt very welcomed by them. I will admit...I was a bit nervous about what they would think of me at first because I am American. In Europe, Americans are not looked upon with great favor! Somehow I have tricked them into liking me...or they pretend quite well :-) (They all REALLY like when I put a camera around my neck and yell really loudly in restaurants, "I am an American!!"). To respect their privacy, I will give quick glimpses of them...

Markus' parents are very wonderful people. Heinz and Heidi are so enjoyable to be with. We had the privilege of having them here with us for the entire month of July. They currently live in Uganda, Africa as missionaries. Heinz teaches Bible in Sudan. Heidi spends lots of time with the women, teaching them how to read, write, and crafts such as sewing. Heinz is a deep thinker, very wise, and when he speaks, you should listen! Heidi is VERY giving and loving. She brightens any room she walks into and wants to help in any way that she can. I think that each of their kids got some amazing qualities from these two people.

This picture was in May 2006, so it is a bit outdated, however all of the Lettner clan are in here! We all got together in Austria for a week together as family. It was great fun! From left to right are: Martin and Katrin Kortus. Sina is in the yellow shirt. Boris and Kristin Sobotka are standing right behind young Tom. Stefan is right next to Markus and I. Claudia and Werner Dengel (and Ana too) are next to us, and Gwen is sitting next to Heinz.

Claudia is the oldest Lettner kid. She is a ball of fun, a great friend and a great mom! She is married to the most eccentric German you may ever meet. Werner is brilliant, funny, and quick witted. For some reason he puts up with my sarcasm and can spit it back just as fast! They have a busy daughter named Ana who is our god daughter. She is very observant and tactile. We are looking forward to seeing them in three weeks...for a whole month!

Katrin is second in line. She is absolutely beautiful, humble, and kind. She is an amazing that I would like to take after in many ways. She is married to Martin, who is also very kind and humble. He is a hard worker. They have three kids, Gwen, Tom, and Sina. Sina is our god daughter as well. We love having the privilege of spoiling her a bit and are looking forward to when she gets to come visit us!

Stefan is the oldest boy in the family. He is talented, funny, and one of the most brilliant people I may have met. He speaks at least four languages fluently, and while German is his first language, he has taught English to Spanish speaking people in the Canary Islands! He is quite the gardener too!

Kristin is the youngest and quite a character. She is a caring, funny, smart and FUN woman. She is quite a business woman as well. She and her husband Boris run a chicken farm, farmland, bakery, pasta, and industrial type business out of their property. They really are something! They are expecting their first baby girl, Lenja, in just three weeks!! Kristin and Markus are very close...they were best friends, and best trouble makers growing up!

This is a long blog...and just think, I really held my words in! I could go on and on about them and how wonderful they all are. I am thankful to be part of such a great family! It is also fantastic to know that despite our distance, we are close in spirit and that we all pray for one another regularly! I consider myself blessed to be part of the Lettner fam!


Stef said...

what a sweet post, Nini. I'm sure you're a joy to them as well. Thank you for sharing -- I loved reading this little glimpse into your heart!

Anonymous said...

I have never read anything like that about our family...well, some things you put quite "on point" and one of the bests is that you are definite a precious "part" of us..what a schwägerina!!!!

Anonymous said...

I remember all of the beautiful Lettner family with very fond memories!
The English girl with the cold feet But the warm đź’—
The youngest two were indeed mischievous teaching me rude German phrases