Sunday, January 15, 2012

:: Bumblebee's and Soccer ::

Analise's first taste of soccer came when we enrolled her in a soccer camp as a three year old.  She loved every minute of it and when soccer season rolled around again, we enrolled her into Aptos Soccer where she joined her very first under 6 year old soccer team.

Every Wednesday afternoon, she and her seven teammates would practice together - learning to listen and take direction from Coach Jennifer, how to work as a team and pass the ball to one another and how to score a goal on a defended goal. Jameson proudly escorted his sister to practices each week.
After the first two practices, the team got their jerseys. 

Bright yellow and black. 

Instantly all of the kiddos decided that they would be called the Bumblebees! And they were just like bumblebees...they hung around in little clumps where ever they went making their mark with spunk and fun! 

Every Saturday was exciting for Analise, not only because they got to play a soccer game, but because she got to be with her new friends!
All ready for her first game!
As we arrived to the field the day of her first game one of the team moms, Heather, made all of the girls matching bumblebee hair ties ... so cute!
It took the kiddos getting through the first few games to get the hang of playing with one another and against other teams. Playing against other teams was tricky sometimes because all of the kids had friends that they suddenly were playing against instead of playing with! (There were quite a few reminders that when on the field, they were to play soccer, not giggle and talk about princesses and fairies with the opposite team :-)

Analise did a great job! Sometimes going after the ball with determination and purpose...
...and other times hanging back and just running along.
It was so fun watching her get better and better each week!
This little video was taken during one of her best games. She went after the ball like crazy!
After twelve weeks of Saturday games, we ended the season with a pizza party and award ceremony.  Coach Jennifer made each player their very own t-shirt with a little bumblebee and their name on it. Her daughter, who helped coach made little awards for each kiddo. Analise's award was for 'most stylish hair' and 'sportiest team member'.  Each player got a cool medal with a yellow and black ribbon and I made cake pops!
This was my first attempt at cake pops - they were a bit of a challenge to make, but came out so cute! The kiddos loved them and it was a perfect dessert for a bumblebee team party!
We are so proud of our little Bumblebee!
She is eagerly awaiting her next season of soccer (and so are we)!


Stef said...

omg, SO cute!!

Anonymous said...

wow....I think she should apply for the Swiss National Team:)
tante claudia...coming soon!!!

Erik and Lyndsey Olson said...

So good to chat for a minute yesterday! Love catching up on your blog and seeing pics of your cute kiddos!!!

The Webbers said...

how fun. Oh, and I love your cake pops. I have yet to make them successfully! Yours are adorable!

Stephanie said...

I played soccer at her age too! So fun!

I've mentioned it to Kayla a time or two, but no interest yet.

She HAS, however, expressed interest in taking a sewing class. Either that, or painting. Or ballet. Maybe this summer... :)

Stephanie said...

I just showed Kayla these pictures and she said, "Can you sign me up for that?" ;)