Friday, May 13, 2011

:: Like Father, Like Daughter ::

Around 2:15 pm today she came out of her quiet time and declared that she wanted to play soccer with her dad. She quickly ran into her room, dressed herself and waited anxiously by the door until he got home at 4:30. Before he could even sit down and relax with a cup of coffee after a long day of work she told him of her plans:

A: "Dad! I made it up in my mind today during quiet time that you were going to play soccer with me. Isn't that the greatest idea?"
Without hesitation he went straight to the backyard to play soccer with his girl. And there's no question as to whether or not she loves the special time with her dad.


Stef said...

cute picture! I love the ideas they get into their heads. Rachel is often coming up with grand ones for us :)

Blessed said...

ah, that special daddy daughter time. That is a really cute photo.

Doug came home last night and I don't know what he did or said, but within minutes had all the kids climbing all over him, shrieking with joy. Like he was taking off his dress shirt and hanging it up with children sitting on his feet and hanging on his back. ; ) Then they moved into the living room for more shrieking and martial arts.

I moved into the car for a little quiet reading. ; )

I love that they were having so much fun together, but after a whole day of loud children voices (addditional kids over too), my head was too full!

Stephanie said...

Cute picture! They clearly have a very special relationship.

Where does your husband work?