Tuesday, February 1, 2011

:: Silly Sheep ::

Have you seen it?
We LOVE Shaun the Sheep! How can you not...just look at him!Some evenings we love to gather around the computer as a family and watch a few episodes before the kids go to bed. The laughter that comes out of my children when they watch this little show is just *the best*. And, truth be told, Markus and I find ourselves laughing quite a bit too. Shaun's little sideways smile is enough to get me every time.
If you have a few minutes, enjoy a little bit of Shaun the Sheep!


big hair betty said...

We LOVE Shaun! Except, whenever I laugh, the kids ask,"Why are you laughing??" And usually, they're not patient enough to understand my explanation! We rent the videos from the library, there are a couple of different ones.

Anonymous said...

must be a "family-thing"...we love it too!xx
the dengels

Krista said...

Aaaand, seeing this post has put Elijah back into the Shaun the Sheep phase! :)

Stephanie said...

Thanks for the recommendation. We'll have to check it out. Do you watch it on Hulu?