Saturday, February 12, 2011

:: She's Four ::

Wednesday, the 9th, marked Analise's fourth birthday! It may sound cliche but it really does seem like yesterday that we welcomed her into the world.

This was four hours after she was born...
And this is her four years later... As soon as she woke up and walked out of her room she was greeted by some birthday decor - in her favorite colors, of course.
The only gift she asked for was TWO microphones - one for her and one for Jameson (side note: there are no 'boy' microphones to be found in this town, hence *two* Dream Dazzlers.)

Markus took the day off of work so the two of them could have a 'date morning', and so he could take her fishing. Needless to say, she was elated!

After fishing, they headed to the park so she could go down the big kid slide.

They finished the morning off with a special treat at Starbucks. This girl is proud to be four!
We spent the rest of the day together as a family and topped off the day with, and I quote, "my own tiny little teeny tiny cute heart shaped cake".
Happy Birthday Analise Joy!


Stef said...

what a FUN birthday! The microphone request made me LOL! I love the stuff they ask for :)
Her girlie fishing rod is super cute - did she end up having fun on the trip? I used to love to go fishing with my Dad.

Happy 4th Birthday!!

Stephanie said...

Our 4-year-old has been begging Tim to take her fishing. Hopefully they'll get a chance to do that soon!

Also - that slide looks SO fun! What park is that at?