Sunday, November 14, 2010

:: Argh Matey ::

Both kids are down and out with colds so we decided to lift their spirits with a 'Surprise Adventure Sunday'. We hopped in the car and drove a quick 20 minutes down to the Moss Landing harbor to get a glimpse at the Lady Washington. The Lady Washington is a tall ship that is best known for it's appearance as the Interceptor in Pirates of the Caribbean - The Curse of the Black Pearl (the boat that Jack tries to steal in the beginning). This is what she looks like in all her glory (click image for photo credit).While we didn't get to see her with her sails lowered, we were able to go aboard and explore the deck. The kids were *so* excited to see a 'real' pirate ship.
Jameson was yelling "ARGH MATEY!" with ridiculous amounts of fervor the entire way down the dock and while we were on board the ship.
Analise was most impressed with the amount of ropes on the ship.
She also thought it was funny that there were "very little men" climbing on the ropes.
Although the boat was a bit smaller than I had envisioned, I was reminded of my appreciation for modern transportation. Just the thought of sailing the high seas for months on end on a ship like this makes me woozy!

We had a great morning as a family and may have started a new tradition to bust out every now and then - Surprise Adventure Sunday.


Janelle said...

We saw the ship on our way down to Monterey yesterday. Super cool! And I am sensing a "Link up" started with the "Surprise Adventure Sunday!" Sounds like it would be an awesome trend!

Sally said...

I agree, SAS sounds like an amazing tradition. Nice work Lettners. :)

Erin said...

Is it still there? I had no idea this pirate ship was at Moss Landing. How fun! Good for you guys!
Get better, kiddos!

DiscoveringMommy said...

What a great trip for the kids and parents, too! Sorry your kids are sick. Hope they are feeling better soon.