Friday, October 15, 2010

:: FYI Friday ::

FYI - for your information (things you may, or may not need to know)...

Analise is drawing A LOT. She is creating more intricate pictures, each with its own story, and she is getting quite good at it. While this picture is somewhat simplistic in comparison to what she has been drawing, it was my favorite of the week. Meet Lisi's lion. According to her, "It is a lion because it has eyes, a nose, and a mouth. Without those, it would be a sun."Sometimes when Markus gets home, the kids will request that he make them something. This simple request for a rocket turned into quite a project - he went the extra mile and created a launchpad and a hangar that he let Analise decorate.
We frequent two grocery stores each week, Trader Joe's and Nob Hill (with a Costco run every three weeks or so). Every now and then we will hit up Safeway too, but only if they have a good sale. Some of you had heard my position on Safeway - for those of you who haven't, I will spare you my rant, but I will say this - Nob Hill (Raley's or Bel Air for some of you) is by far the superior store. They always have full shelves, great service (Bay Avenue location), beautiful, delicious, fabulous produce, and great prices (typically much lower than Safeway-for better quality food). They also have great E-Coupons. Last week I got a free 3-lb. bag of Gala apples. This week I got a free loaf of bread. It wouldn't be a bad idea for you to check out their online coupons each week. You can click here to get check what's available this week. If only I had seen this one before I went shopping today.
It was long (no pun intended) overdue, but I finally got my hair cut. It was much needed, and my friend Shelley's mom gracefully remedied my almost-two-year-baby-fallout-frizznastyness.
This little man is obsessed with bulldozers, excavators, and tractors. Thanks for the awesome shirt Shelley. He thinks it is A-OK.

And...he is also practicing how to show you what 2 looks like.
He should have it down before his birthday which is just over 2 weeks away!


big hair betty said...

Bust about the $10 off coupon! I almost sent you an excited msg when I saw that one! Annalise is an amazing artist! That is SO fun to see! Have you checked out the "Read to Me" bags from the library (I think that's what they are called). They have a whole bag of books dedicated to tractors and trucks, Jamieson would love it!

Anonymous said...

hi nini,
I like your hair...looks soo good:)
xx clau

Anonymous said...

can lenja have the part you cut off! she could need some hair instead of feathers on her head!!!
looks great.

Ashley said...

If somebody tells me about the coupons, maybe I will actually use some (if I can remember to pull them out of my purse at the grocery store...) I am excite for more FYI Fridays!!

Stephanie Tang said...

Love the hair Nini! It looks fabulous!! :-)

thecolorplaid said...

ahahahaaaa aw that last pic is so cute and funny. what a sweetie!

love the new haircut! hot mama!

Stephanie said...

Cute hair!

I keep going back-and-forth about whether or not I want to cut mine.

Stef said...

I totally agree with you about Safeway. Hate that store.

Your hair looks great! The rocket project looks amazing (my husband does the same sort of thing - always makes ME look boring) :)
Your kids are terribly cute and getting so big!

Anonymous said...

hi Nini I also like your hair - but long was pretty tooooooooooooooo
says Heidi-mum

Anonymous said...

I need a cut in a bad, bad way. I'm scared they'll have to chop it off, I have so many split ends now!

Love your new do.