Saturday, June 12, 2010

:: Best Besty ::

Analise has quite a few friends -- all of whom she adores. There is one, however, that still holds a unique and special place in her heart. The other day we were sitting outside together and the following conversation took place:

A: "Mom. You know my friends?"
Me: "Yes, I know your friends. Which ones do you mean?"
A: "All of them."
Me: "Yes, I know all of your friends."
A: "Well, I really like my friends. No. I love 'em."
Me: "That is great Analise. You are a great friend and I know your friends love you too."
A: "Mom. Do you remember that time me and Sammy were spinning for Jessica?"
Me: "Yes. I remember that. It was a long time ago..."
A: "Yes. It was a long time ago. I was two. I liked it. I love my friends, but I only have one best besty and it is Sammy."
A: "Oh, and since Jameson is my brother I think it is okay that I call him my best besty too. Just him and Sammy."


Jessica Hoff said...

MELTS my heart. We all love you Analise. And Sammy thinks your his best besty, too!!

Stef said...

oh my goodness, super cute! the pictures turned out adorable too! Wow... it will be cute if they can use these at their wedding someday ;-)
don't worry, I sound like one of those creepy moms, but I'm not.