Friday, May 7, 2010

:: Keep Movin' ::

I try to get out for a walk every day although it doesn't always happen. In fact-- today I tried to talk myself out of it any way I could, but I fought the urge to be lazy and got myself and the kiddos out. It is important to me to teach my kids the importance of exercise and the best way to do this is to actually DO IT. When they see me move, they want to move. It makes a huge difference in our days when we get out. Thankfully, we live in an amazing area with heaps of places to walk -- with the beach being just a few blocks away. This was the scene today (taken on my cell phone): There are a few different routes I take. For the past week we have been taking a longer route. We get to walk about 30 yards away from the crashing waves the whole time. It doesn't get much better than that! I wasn't sure how long this walk was, so I jumped online and went to

I was quite pleased to discover that we have been walking 4.6 miles, round trip, every day this week! It is a great walk, and I have almost 3/4 of a mile of UPHILL on the way home. Click on the picture below to see my route (and the cool):While the above picture is cool, I think this one makes the walk look much more enticing! Don't you want to walk here?!This is what Jameson was doing as I pushed them uphill on the way home. Rough life!


Stef said...

Loved this post, Nini! So true too, that our kids will see our good example in all areas and (typically) follow suit. I've been working out faithfully since January and I'm quickly approaching my pre (all3) baby weight! I teased Jason and told him it will be just in time for us to get pregnant with our next baby ;-)
I love the way working out makes me feel. I have way more energy and just feel much happier and ready to take on each day.

Stephanie said...

4.6 miles a day! Wow! That's awesome. What a wonderful example you are to your kids!

P.S. I envy your walking "scenery." Maybe someday we'll move to Santa Cruz... ;)

Erin said...

Cool maps & stuff.
I am impressed with your walks. I rarely walk. And, if I do, it is only around a couple blocks!