Friday, May 21, 2010

:: Breaking Free ::

In the past ten days, a lot has happened for our little man. All four of his canine teeth decided to break through -- at the same time. Along with the pain and lack of sleep that goes along with said teething came a determination to try and gain more independence by breaking free from rules and routines. While we stuck to the rules, we did break free from some of the things that usually help make our routines run smoothly.

One of the major routines he broke free from was eating in his high chair. He flat out started refusing to eat in his high chair. Would. Not. Eat. A. Bite. He wanted to eat at the table like his sister - like a big boy. We put the high chair away and now he happily eats meals in a big chair at the table.

Adding to the crazy 'big boy' changes he has made this week, seemingly out of nowhere, he started to refuse to sleep in his crib. Despite our various efforts, nothing was working to get him to fall asleep in his bed. He went a whole week without any naps and lost many hours of night time sleep.

We tried making his bed and bedtime special by letting him pick out a special night light...this is what he chose:As fun as these lights are, they weren't doing the trick -- he needed something to go along with the special lights. We tried a special pillow -- that didn't quite do it. In a last ditch effort, we asked if he wanted to sleep in a big boy bed and he instantly said "mmm hmm!" and started jumping up and down.

He wanted to break free from the four sides of his crib and be like his sister. Our little man wanted to be a big boy. So, we broke down the crib and turned it into a big bed and like a switch, he started going to bed without any complaints. Aside from a few gentle reminders that he has to STAY in his own bed, he has been doing a great job! Our little man is growing up -- all too fast!


Stef said...

wow! a lot going on for the little man. I always think its weird how (for the parents) these changes are both exciting and sad. I hate seeing them leave a stage they'll never go back to, but it is fun to see them grow & mature.

Cute pictures!!

Stef said...

I just realized his crib has little sides on it! I love that. Kara's is from IKEA, maybe that's why its not so fancy ;)
I wish it did have those little sides because she so easily fell off her crib/bed during the first couple of weeks she was sleeping in it w/out the main crib rail.

Blessed said...

Oh, I sure hope Evan does not decide to make similar declarations of independence--I am not ready for it! Esp. because I am ALL about the containment, and plan on him being in the crib until, like, three. ; )

He too is getting TEN teeth all at once this week! And he has been so great about it, just a little more clingy and chewing on a finger. That's it!

Stephanie said...

Have you heard of KABOOST? It's awesome for when your child doesn't want to sit in a high chair, but isn't quite tall enough to sit on a regular chair. We have one and our 3-year-old loves it.