Friday, December 11, 2009

:: Playing with Papa ::

It has been very special for me to see my kids play with and love on my parents. I did not know my own grandparents growing up, so it brings my heart great joy to see my kids getting to know their grandparents.

Last night Jameson sat on my dad's lap for close to a half an hour. There was some observation...There was some imitation...There was Noah's Ark to be played with and the repeated task of putting all of the animals in the boat only to take them out and put them back in - over and over and over. There were some funny faces to be made...And there is lots of love for Papa...

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Stef said...

awww, so sweet! Jameson actually looks a lot like your Dad!

I just spent a week at my parent's house and had the same joy, watching my kids interact with them. Its priceless memories.