Tuesday, December 1, 2009

:: 'Tis the Season ::

I patiently wait for the entire month of November for the day after Thanksgiving. In our home, once that Friday arrives it is fair game to start celebrating Christmas.

I love this season - playing Christmas music, getting the perfect tree for our little house, putting heaps of lights in and throughout it, decorating, seeing the joy in my kid's faces when they look at the tree, eating cookies, peppermint bark, warm drinks, making things and giving to others. I love documenting it all, taking mental snapshots and real ones. Analise walked out the morning after the tree went up and said, "WOW! Mom, Dad, we have a most beautiful tree! WOW!" She was *so* excited to put her own special ornaments on.I love our ornaments, old and new - they all tell a story. This year I am loving all things homemade. Here are some of my favorite treasures people have made for us:While I enjoy the decor and festivities that the Christmas season brings, I am most thankful, humbled and blessed by the reason we celebrate at Christmas. The celebration of the One who gave his life to give us life.


Steph said...

that is what we did this year :) I LOVE the picture with your reflection in the ornament. cool. creative. artistic.
Oh, and the squishy face pics were hilarious!

Stephanie said...

Our Christmas tree is up too. It makes me happy.

But we still have to put up the lights outside. And by "we," I mean...my husband. ;)


The Contessa said...

Beautiful! Thank you for sharing your photos and reflections on the season. It warmed my heart.