Tuesday, November 17, 2009

:: We Heart the Chart ::

What is this you ask?
What was once a blank 48" x 12" space is now a very full chart. Not any old chart, but a chart covered with all types of stickers - big ones, small ones, cute ones, silly ones. Stickers that represent success after success for Analise.

If you come to my house there is a good chance you will see her looking like this more often than not. Since we have ditched the diapers on August 1st, it is all we can do to get clothes on this girl while at home. She is very proud of her panties - her favorites are the colorful 'day of the week' ones. She took great pride in carefully filling her potty chart (please note the clusters of similar stickers. Until it got too full there was a very obvious pattern.) We have *yet* to have a real accident anywhere and for the past two weeks all nap time and overnight diapers have been dry! Congratulations to our little lady!


Erin said...

Congratulations!! What a great success!

big hair betty said...

Yay!! I love her legs, Gianna looks just like that!

Anonymous said...

ha aw! what a cutie! yay!!!!!

Stef said...

way to go! that is exciting news!! I love when the potty "issue" is no longer an issue. Seems like just yesterday I had completed Rachel's potty training and was thrilled to announce that I would not be returning to it for 2 years. Can you believe we're going to be going back there within the year?! Its amazing how fast they grow!

I love your sticker chart - you gave me a good idea!