Monday, October 12, 2009

:: New Nephews ::

As the youngest of six (in my immediate family) one would think that I would have heaps of nieces and/or nephews to love on. Not so. Until recently, I was the only one to grace my siblings with a niece and a nephew and to give my parents a few grandchildren. My brothers are finally catching up, and they are doing so all at the same time!

I am super late in announcing this one, however in March my brother Farlan welcomed his first baby boy into the world. Meet Amar'e Vernon Contessa (he's the little one :-)In this picture, you can see my brother Farlan's little family - Shanika, Jayden and Amar'e. Jayden was born just 11 days after Analise. In the past few weeks two more little nephews were added to the Contessa clan. Within two weeks, two of my other brothers had baby boys of their own! On September 15th, my brother Sjarief (Reef), who lives in Colorado, welcomed his first baby Zander Ray! Look at my proud...tears in his eyes...little dude in hand!Seeing these pictures and not being able to squeeze and love on them is so hard! Look at how precious this little baby is!Fifteen days later on October 1st, my brother Ib, who lives in Arizona, welcomed Knox Paulson into the world! Look at my proud...tears in his eyes...little dude in hand!This little man is so cute...already sportin' one of the onesies I made him!Major props to Tawnisha and Lisa, the moms of these precious babes, who did the hard work to get them here! I can't wait to meet them and love on them!! Welcome to the world Amar'e, Zander and Knox!!

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Stephanie said...

So much fun! Babies infuse life with such wonder and joy.

If you ever venture down to AZ to visit your new nephew, let me know. ;)