Monday, August 17, 2009

:: Please Stand Up ::

Batton down the Hatches! Guard your things! Jameson is on the move. Not only is he crawling all over the place, he is officially pulling up on anything and everything. It literally happened within one hour. I walked out of the kitchen to find Jameson sitting on his knees for the first time...I got my camera, sat on the couch, and then this...Hi Mom!So proud...Apparently getting up on his knees for the first time was not enough to satiate his desire to overachieve. I was talking to Analise, looked over and found this...Woah...steady...Again...proud of his achievement!When my kids go through major developmental stages, they don't sleep well, which means I don't sleep well. That is the only downfall of all of this standing! As soon as I put him down to bed, he stands himself up but doesn't quite know how to get down yet. He is not a fan of that part...And just because his 'proud face' is so cute, here it is again...Good job brother!!


Stef said...

they grow way too fast! Kara took 3 steps on her own last week and I just about cried.
I can't believe they'll be one in a couple months!

Anonymous said...

hey, little man ..not soo fast...your little cousin will have a hard time to catch up!!!!!
the dengels

Bethany said...

He is just too cute!

Stephanie said...

He is adorable!

I absolutely love his footed pajamas and the way his hair is standing straight up in the front. His smile is priceless.