Monday, May 4, 2009

:: She Did it Herself ::

During Analise's nap time today, she started knocking on her door. Here is the conversation that followed through the door:

Me: "Analise, please stop knocking."
A: "I need to put this on..."
Me: "Analise, it is nap time, please get back in bed..."
A: "I need to help put this on first..."
Me: "What did you say?"
A: "I need to help me put this on..."

I opened the door and this is what I found:A: "Look Mommy, I do it myself. I opened the closet and got monkey jammies. I do it myself."
Me: "Yes Analise, you did do it yourself. Good job. You know I don't like you to go into your closet though...and it is nap time..."
A: "I take a nap, but, but I need you put this on me first."
Me: "Let me take some pictures first..."
A: "Okay Mommy, you take picture. I look like mermaid."A: "I do it myself!"
Me: "Yes, you did. I love you...see you after your nap. I love you Lisi Loo."
A: "I love you myself too."


Anonymous said...

she is the best!!!
we love you lisi lou!!

Bonnie said...

This kid is just priceless! I absolutely love the conversations that you have with her :) Too funny!

Jessica Hoff said...


Stef said...

this made me laugh so hard! totally sounds like something Rachel would do. I love the "mermaid" look :)

Mrs. IbStarC said...


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hailey said...

I seriously laughed outloud. She is hilarious. Seriously!!!

Sheilah said...

oh my gosh. literally tears in my eyes with laughter.