Saturday, May 30, 2009

:: Round 2 - She Said What?? ::

It's that time document some of the funny, witty, entertaining things my daughter says.About a month ago she started telling on herself. If she is about to break the rules, the following conversation ensues (almost word for word each time):

A: "Mom, don't say no to me"
Me: "Don't say no about what?"
A: "Don't tell me no, okay?"
Me: "Are you about to break the rules?"
A: "Yes."
Me: "Then I suggest you do something else."

Some common sense -

Lately we are in the land of "WHY?". Every question she asks turns into a "why?" question. It drives me crazy sometimes. After about 15 why questions about the SAME thing the following conversation took place:

Me: "You cannot eat socks because they are not food"
A: "Why? Why not? Why?"
Me: "Because you may not."
A: "Why?"
Me: "Because I said so!"
A: "Well...don't said so."

Yesterday we were grocery shopping. While at the deli counter waiting for our meat this took place:

A: "I don't want to hear you whine Mom."
Me: "I am not whining."
A: "I like your talking voice, not your whining voice. You need to choose a happy heart Mom!"
Me: Laughter and..."at least I know you do hear me when I talk to you..." (if only she put it into practice :-)

Everyday sayings -

"Now that is a stinky mess!"
"I am reading in German. This is a very great book."
"Is Jameson going to cry again?"
"Daddy builds houses. I build houses with a hammer too. Daddy does very good work with hammer."
"What these are?"

Since my brother came to visit she keeps talking about the dogs babysitting her:

A: "I sit in cage with Cooper. I sit in cage with Coopie. I babysitted."(please note: no children were involuntarily placed in dog cage. Cage is used upon request only).


Jessica Hoff said...

love her to pieces.

Stef said...

She's adorable and the stuff she says is even cuter!!

Bonnie said...

I'm literally laughing out loud right now! She is PRICELESS!!! I'm so glad that you document it for all of us--- and I'm sure you'll love looking back on it with her when she's older :)

Sally said...

Oh Nini, I'm honored to be reading this. Thank you for sharing your super fun kiddo with us. She is amazing. I love the one where she's telling on herself. And even better... your responses. You're a good Mom. I can tell. :)

Montana said...

Kid sayings are absolutely the best!! Thats incredibly cute!
And seriously, why can't she eat socks?