Wednesday, May 27, 2009

:: Berry Picking ::

On Monday we headed out to Gizdich Ranch to pick our own strawberries. Uncle Ib and Auntie Lisa came with us and we had a grand old time. First Uncle Ib and Analise had to find just the right rows to start picking in:Next came finding the most beautiful strawberries...Auntie Lisa really did most of the work...Whatever Lisa put in the bucket... mysteriously ended up with a bite mark (or two) in it...Jameson even got in on the picking fun!Here's to picking your own berries at Gizdich Ranch!


Bethany said...

Aw man... we were heading there on Monday too and then changed our plans and went to the beach. It would have been so fun to see you guys unexpectedly. We need to make a plan very soon.

Bonnie said...

You guys live in a BEAUTIFUL place! So much to do and see it seems. Sure would be sweet to come visit sometime :) Who knows... maybe one day!