Monday, April 27, 2009

:: She Said What?? ::

My darling daughter, Analise, says some of the funniest things. I have been meaning to document some of these funny sayings and conversations over the past few weeks.

"Mommy, you sure have nice teeth."

She will put on one of Markus' hats and says, "I be Markus!"

The other morning I told her I was going to wipe her nose:
A: "No thank you Mommy".
Me: "Analise, I know you don't want me to, but I have to clean your nose" (which I proceeded to do)
A: "I so disappointed!"
Me: "Why are you disappointed?"
A: "Because you not listening to me...I so, so disappointed."

Whenever Jameson has drool that may get on her she says, "Jameson barfed on me."

We were outside playing the other day and she said, "Look at these beautiful flowers Mommy. Jesus and God made them. Can I eat 'em? "

She LOVES to make drawings for people. Every day she says, "who I going to make something for Mommy?" Yesterday after church she ran up to me and said, "Mommy, I make you something this day!" Here is what I got:Me: "I love it Analise! What does it say?"
A: "Jesus loves you Mommy, so do I. So does Jameson. And Daddy too."

Something she says all day long now: "I do it myself."

She likes to put her blanket over her head and run around the house. As many times as I ask her, um...TELL her not to do it, she still does. I catch her in her room with her blanket over her head walking around with her arms out waiting to bump into something. This is what it looks like: This what it looks like she runs into the wall: I took a picture of it as she was running to me for comfort. (Please note: no children were harmed in this blanket blunder. She only cried for about ten seconds and then started laughing hysterically saying, "I so silly!")

Analise is vibrant, fun loving, caring, and hilarious, and she never stops talking...she keeps us on our toes!


Anonymous said...

Oih paloji..all this funny things coming out of their little mouths!!!! we can tell some as well!!!
super blog it !
big hug

Montana said...

That is pretty darn precious Nini!

Mrs. IbStarC said...

High-Larious! I was rolling at work when I read this. I want to come play. :)
Love to you all!

Sally said...

What a cutie! I especially love the story about her putting her blanket on her head. I guess some things, like the consequences of walking around with a blanket on your head, must be learned by trial and error. :) I think you're a good Momma to let her learn ;).

Bonnie said...

This post is awesome! I thoroughly enjoyed the conversation of her being "so, so disappointed" with you because you weren't listening. What a character! :)

Anonymous said...

This post was hilarious! I actually read it out loud to Christian because he asked why I was laughing so much over here!!